Setting the Stage: How We Boosted Portland Opera’s Reach by 5X

Portland Opera, a nonprofit performing arts organization, has dedicated itself not only to staging impressive theatrical performances but also to fostering an environment rich in diversity and community engagement. Recently, they set out to adjust their recruitment strategies to attract a wider talent pool and better communicate their values. This initiative began with the role of Accounting Specialist, and the results have set a new standard in their organization. Enter R2R Strategic Recruiting, who stepped in to help orchestrate a game-changing transformation.

The Starting Point: A Challenging Recruitment Landscape

Portland Opera’s recruitment strategy needed a bit of a refresh. Their job postings didn’t fully showcase the spirit of the organization or appeal to a diverse audience, and their limited reach, stuck on a single platform, wasn’t doing them any favors. They were looking for more than just filling a position; they wanted to attract talent who were tuned into their organizational values.

It was clear that Portland Opera needed a strategy to show its dedication to diversity and inclusion. But, their limited resources meant they had to find a way to attract the right candidates while staying within budget.

Strategic Overhaul: The Job Posting Playbook

In collaboration with R2R Strategic Recruiting, the stage was set for some serious innovation, resulting in the creation of the “Job Posting Playbook.” This wasn’t just some minor tweaking; it was a full-scale revamp to amplify their recruitment efforts. Here’s how it helped:

  • Amplified Reach: By broadcasting their job postings across multiple platforms, they significantly widened their visibility and reach—expanding their job posting reach by an impressive 5x.
  • Inclusive Language: They revamped their job descriptions to include inclusive language that sings in tune with their commitment to diversity, leading to a 96% increase in diverse language proficiency among candidates.
  • Social Media Promotions: They turned up their social media game to engage with potential candidates more actively and interactively.

Impressive Outcomes and Lasting Impact

The Job Posting Playbook was a game-changer for Portland Opera. The revised job posting for the Accounting Specialist role didn’t just get more applicants; it also attracted candidates that fit the bill with the role’s requirements and organizational culture.

It was such a hit that they decided to roll out this approach for all future job postings. This scalable solution proved cost-effective, saving the organization an estimated $12,510 in recruitment costs, and more importantly, aligned Portland Opera’s recruitment practices with its core values of diversity and inclusion.

The results struck a chord with Portland Opera’s Human Resources Specialist, who said, “Thank you for helping us re-write our job postings! Our postings are much more ‘inviting’ now! The R2R team also provided us with alternate sites to post our jobs. We appreciate their guidance and support.”

Key Takeaways and the Road Ahead

Portland Opera’s reimagined recruitment journey is more than just a success story—it’s a roadmap for any organization looking to spice up its hiring strategy. What did we learn?

  • Aligning Jobs with Values Is Key: Make sure your recruitment strategies scream your organizational values.
  • Think Outside the Budget Box: With some clever strategizing, even tight budgets can deliver big wins.
  • Be Bold, Be Adaptable: Embracing change and updating outdated practices can lead to monumental improvements.

Portland Opera’s story is about more than just filling roles—it’s about enriching and aligning the workforce with the organization’s broader cultural and ethical aspirations. It’s a testament to how strategic recruitment can elevate an organization’s community image and internal culture.

Feeling inspired to shake up your own recruitment strategies? Teaming up with a knowledgeable partner like R2R Strategic Recruiting could be your first step towards orchestrating your own hiring success story, ensuring that every recruitment decision aligns perfectly with your mission and values. Reach out today to get started.