Your Resource 2 Recruit

Our unique recruitment approach allows us to better assist recruiters, hiring managers, and hiring professionals in their long-term and short-term goals. We are passionate about data-driven recruitment strategies that improve the employers’ hiring experience and results.


What We Offer

  • We offer non-traditional recruiting services to companies that drive hiring results with greater ROI.

  • Our confidential, direct hire services help employers source and recruit a candidate with speed and confidence.

  • R2R offers insider knowledge on the best strategies to place difficult-to-fill executive searches.

Example items we help with

  • Audit of  current recruitment methods

  • Strategy development plan

  • Weekly recruiting progress summaries

  • Onsite meetings with hiring manager/representative

  • Directly sourced candidates

  • Reference checking

Examples of Direct Hire Searches

  • Manager, Director, EVP, C-Suite

  • Exempt Mid-to-Senior Level Professionals

  • Difficult-To-Fill Positions

  • Diversity Initiatives

  • Other: Technical, Engineering, Sales, Marketing, Accounting, Finance, HR, Project Management, Product, Operations, etc.

“Raine and Richeal initiated a discovery call that focused on the 4 core areas that job seekers care most about and delivered us a “Job Posting Portfolio”. This allowed us to easily reposition our job postings on our website, social media- sites and niche job boards. It also included very insightful information to ensure our postings were optimized to attract diverse candidates. The Job Posting Portfolio has been a highly valuable and cost-effective resource to initiate our recruitment efforts.”



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