Our Proven Process


Our tailored process meets your needs.

Here’s how it works:

  • Discovery Session

    • Identify your pain points and key personnel
    • Insight into next steps and options – you’re in control

  • Assessment

    • Gap analysis
    • Site visit
    • Evaluate function of existing systems

  • Strategy Proposal

    • Key goals and outcomes
    • Timeline
    • Scope of work
    • Investment

  • Get to work

    • Regular check-ins
    • Responsive to emerging needs
    • Final debrief

  • Measure Success

    • Evaluate progress
    • Scheduled follow-ups
    • Ongoing support

“Raine has an uncanny ability to provide consistency in her product and is evident in her commitment to excellence. More importantly, she is a good and ethical person. I have come to see Raine as a strategic business partner and any organization would be lucky to have her!”
Dustin Milberg, Executive Director of DevOps

Case Study: The Dangers of Assumptions

Company Profile:  Well-known, growing company who promotes diversity and inclusion as a core value, and has heavily invested money in diversity efforts towards hiring women in tech, minority professionals, LGBT, etc. Making assumptions about work status can cost employers far more than just great employees.